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In life, the only constants are change and the belief we don't need to change

Do you work in a ‘change or be changed’ world? Are disruptors and market forces making each day harder? Would you like to update your process, IT, Products and Services, Culture, but don’t know where to start?

I enjoy a reputation of being people-centred. My clients want sustainable, successful change. They have great ideas but need to bring their people onboard.

If you are changing the way people work, how you interact with customers, your impact on the community or your demands on your supply chain, you need a Change Manager.

  • When you need to transform your business, processes, IT or culture, Change Management listens to your team, adapts plans and solutions and enhances your change.

My Change Management skills will help you

  • understand the constraints and opportunities in your business and adapt
  • engage your people so they spend less time disrupted and distressed
  • deliver sustainable, successful change

Clients ask me to build or run projects. They need structure to meet their strategic goals. They have great ideas but need a kick start.

If you need to do something new, you need Project Management.

  • When you need to transform your business, processes, IT or culture, Project Management brings your team together to support and enhance your changes.
  • During product or service development, Project Management provides the focus and organisation to deliver the right solution at the right price.
  • If you face a compliance challenge, Project Management will make sure you take the right actions to become compliant in time.

My Project Management skills will help you

  • understand the work needed to deliver your project
  • put in place robust project practices and governance
  • deliver sustainable business benefits

Why should you trust me with your change?

Only change will keep you ahead of the competition, take advantage of new opportunities, reduce waste and costs. But delivering change needs focus and you may not have the time in your day to organise a project.

  • Do you need a guide who can bring your team together with a united goal?
  • Do you want your projects to deliver defined benefits?
  • Do you dread asking your busy people to take on yet another responsibility?
Michelle Spaul

I have nearly thirty-years’ experience leading projects within and across most function from software design to commercial. I understand conflicting priorities and can bring people together with a common goal.

My leadership style has grown with my experience of change, as the recipient, team member and leader. I can be hands-on or coaching; share my knowledge and experience or motivate your team to teach me something new.

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My commitment to you

I focus on the goals you want to achieve.

I will also be a critical friend, helping you see the hazards and opportunities of your vision and project.

I will be the guide you need: coach or trainer; lead or muck-in; one-to-one support or workshops.

Ready to change but not sure where to start?

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