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I had the pleasure of working with Michelle during her role at Eminox implementing NPI. Extremely knowledgeable on the subject and conducted herself in a highly professional manner. A truly excellent coach who had time for anyone willing to listen and learn. Michelle brings with her a huge and effective tool set which she used to great effect on all the projects I collaborated with her on.

Michelle worked for me in Eminox delivering some critical projects to allow the business to achieve the strategic plan for 2016. Michelle delivered on all her milestones and achieved everything she asked to complete in a timely manner and to cost. During her time with Eminox Michelle helped to deliver best practise project management and mentor peers around her. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to hire a professional project manager who is as good as her word and achieves at the highest standard.

Michelle joined Elektron Technology 6 months ago on a short-term contract as a Project Manager to oversee the Sheen and Wallace Compliance project. It’s fair to say that this was not the most attractive job in Elektron at the time but Michelle took to it with a huge amount of enthusiasm and professionalism. She quickly built a project team and, though the project scope changed many times, she managed to keep ahead of the requirements and always deliver a professional service to the business. She is super-organised and Elektron has benefitted massively from her experience, knowledge and “gentle but firm” management style. She has been a first-class mentor to many, including myself, and she has absolutely earned the respect of everyone who has worked with her. I will be very sorry to see her go.

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